Wednesday, March 9, 2011


        Betol jugak ke....? Tak semua rasanya...Hati memang mengaharpkan centu...tapi ini la warna warni kehidupan, ada suka ,duka airmata gelak ketawa....campur2 semuanya...cen ABC tu jadi sedap manis, sejuk... ahaks! ade ke....
        Sesekali imbau rentetan hidup aku, diam2 jauh dalam lubuk hati aku berkata, kuat jugak aku ni.... :-) Bukan calang2 orang boleh melalui semua yang aku lalui dan bukan semua orang cukup kuat untuk duduk di tempat aku ni...stop sat. nanti sambung..

Friday, March 4, 2011

Just Read

    A Walk To Remember, written by Nicholas Sparks is a truly wonderful love story that will touch reader's heart.This story is about a fifty-seven years old man looking back at his past which he never forget.. This man is London Carter. He takes the reader back to 1958 in the town of Beau Fort, North Carolina when he was just 17 years old. In high school he chooses drama class than chemistry class thinking it will be easier for him. In the class there was a girl called Jamie Sullivan, a minister's daughter.

     He and Jamie grew up together but never really friends.Jamie was a good girl. She prefers going to the  orphanage to helps the kids and reading her bible to socializing and going to the movie. Jamie asked London to be the lead role for the play since no one wanted to do it.Since the play was so important to Jamie and not wanting to hurt her, he agreed. They both became closer to one another.

      Being the president of his high school, London must find a date to to the dance to full fill his duties.After desperately searching for a date, he came to a conclusion that he had to ask Jamie Sullivan since there was no one left. Jamie accepts his proposal to the dance. London slowly realises that he has fallen in love with the most unlikely girl.

      After many dates, London finally learns that Jamie had terminal leukimea and has stopped responding to treatment. London wants to full fill Jamie's wish list example by building telescope so she can see a comet. Through this process, London and Jamie learn more about the nature of love. The book ends with Jamie's death after the couple are married in the same chapel as was Jamie's deceased mother, the event that topped Jamie's wish list.
      "Love is like the wind. You can't see it but you can feel it".